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Say and Do Something

Good evening Clergy and Friends,

I want  you to know that I am very upset (to put it mildly) about the comments from the president about what he said today of Haiti and African countries.

Please remind your family and friends to support and vote for candidates who work to bring people together. Remember, people that say nothing against these racist attacks indeed speak very loudly in support of racism.

We are better because we will act against such hate. Write a letter, make a phone call and/or protest.

We shall over come this too with our activism.

May God bless each of you because of your love for one another and our neighbors.


Pastor Humes

One thought on “Say and Do Something

  1. Janella Jemison says:

    Thank you Pastor Humes for speaking against this injustice by the current president. He has repeatedly been disrespectful to minorities, women and anyone he deems less important than him. I pray for your continued strength in speaking out against these immoral acts.

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