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What is pastor doing?

So what is your pastor doing during this pandemic? 
I am called to do the following:

  • Shepherd the flock. During times of threat, pastor needs to stay connected to his people. At a minimum, I will use Facebook Live to preach on Sundays and I will be live in the sanctuary. I encourage people to manage their behavior, movement and hygiene.
  • Stay informed. I keep up on the news. People want to know their pastor is well-informed about the threat that is actively disrupting their lives.
  • Keep the faith. Work hard to build faith during this stressful time. Remind people that we can cast our cares on Jesus. That Jesus is our healer. Read the 23rd Psalm and 1 Peter 5:7
  • Start a devotional. Social media has an amazing built-in sharing capacity. I consider guiding our people through Philippians 4, where we are reminded that our God will supply all our needs.
  • Be open about finances. For some churches, the financial hit during this time will be major. This thing has thrown stocks into a bear market — it may seem as if the sky is falling, financially. That, accompanied by a general recession, will impact our members and friends and their giving.
  • Be a comfort. Some will suffer great loss during this time. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart…” Proverbs 3:5-6

One thought on “What is pastor doing?

  1. Julia Jackson says:

    Thank you so much Pastor,for giving us the tools to us during this time in our lives.

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