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Sunday School Conference Call Numbers

Assigned conference call numbers for each class.  The lead teacher or their designate will be responsible for distribution to the class members.  Growing in Christ, Young Adult and Teens have their own system for contacting class members so number is not shown.
(978) 990-5000
(978) 990-5000
Leaning on Faith – Ms Johnson
(866) 740-7142
Growing in Christ – Ms. Wilson
(978) 990-5000
Young at Heart – Mr. Thompson
(978) 990-5000
New Birth – Ms Parker-Muhammad
(978) 990-5000
Inspired Spirit – Ms Lewis
(978) 990-5000
I want to be clear here.  The Lead Teacher is the moderator, and will give the Sunday School Administrator number.  Class members will give the appropriate Access  Code:  Here are the instructions for callers:
1). Dial the indicated conference call number.
2). When prompted  enter the access code, followed by the pound sign.
3). Allow yourself ample time to join the call and please be patience if you are unable to connect on the first or second attempt!  Remember, more than 60% of the population are working from home and utilizing this platform, thus, peak times are busier than usual.
4).  Please announce  yourself as you are joined into the call.
5).  Unless you are actively conversing in the call, please be sure to place your phone on “mute”

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