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Stay Well

Dear New Hope Church Family and Friends:

In the wake of recent events flared by systemic racism, unfair treatment of minorities, the George Floyd death (and others) and the peaceful protests occurring across this country, I stand with you, saddened and angered by the many ills that plague our nation. I also support your efforts to protest as a collective demand for justice.

Activism has created important change and reform in this region and country and New Hope remains involved in creating an environment of spiritual guidance and social justice for our community.

Let us remain peaceful and also remember that the pandemic that has sickened many people and caused deaths, disproportionately to African Americans, still remains a serious safety issue.

Please continue to use prudent behavior, movement and hygiene practices and follow the advice from our state and local medical professionals to minimize the Covid19 risk to yourselves and your family.

Stay safe and well.

Love you,

Pastor Humes

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