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Texting Acronyms

Texting Acronyms


2G2BT Too good to be true ISO In search of
<3 Heart J/K Just kidding
AIH As it happens L8R Later
ALOL Actually laughing out loud LOL Laughing out loud/Lots of love
BCNU Be seeing you MIL Mother-in-law
B4N Bye for now NP No problem
BBS Be back soon NUB Newbie
BIL Brother-in-law OIC Oh, I see
BRB Be right back OMG Oh my gosh
BTDT Been there done that OTOH On the other hand
BTW By the way OT Off topic
BFF Best friends forever PLO Peace love out
CD9 Code 9: Parents are nearby PM Private message
CB Call back PSA Public service announcement
CIL Check in later RBAY Right back at you
CM Call me RBTL Read between the lines
COB Close of business RUOK Are you okay?
CUL8R See you later ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing
DEF Definitely SIL Sister-in-law
DFIK Darn if I know SMH Shaking my head
DH Dear husband SOW Speaking of which
EM Excuse me STYS Speak to you soon
EMA E-mail address SUP What’s up?
EOM End of message SWEET<3 Sweetheart
EVRE1 Everyone TBC • To be continued …
FAQ Frequently asked questions TBH To be honest
FB Facebook TIA Thanks in advance
FCOL For crying out loud! TMI Too much information
FIL Father-in-law TIFN Ta ta for now
FOFL Falling on floor laughing TX Thanks
FTR For the record TTYL Talk to you later
FYEO For your eyes only UOK Are you okay?
FWIW For what it’ worth UR You are
G2G Got to go URW You are welcome
GAL Get a life VBG Very big grin
GBH Great big hug VM Voice mail
GIDK Gee, I don’t know WWYD What would you do?
GL Good luck WYWH Wish you were here
GN Good night X-I-1O Exciting
GR8 Great! XLNT Excellent
HAGD Have a good day Y Why?
H/O Hold on YKWIM You know what I mean
10K I don’t know YOLO You only live once
ILY I love you YW You’re welcome
IRL In real life ZOMG Oh my gosh!

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