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Violence Prevention

As christians we should be proactive given the mean and toxic world we live. 
In that regard Pastor is calling for us to; 
  1. Pray for safety for everyone,
  2. Work toward violence prevention and 
  3. Provide support to victims and the vulnerable of attacks.
Today, May 29th we discuss step 2.
2. Work toward violence prevention
We can break the cycle of violence by addressing it at three points: 
A. before it begins, 
B. at the first sign of risk, and 
C. after an incident.
The acronym ‘S.T.A.M.P.’ can be used to watch for aggressive behaviors:
(The Centre for YouthAOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) Practice Development)
S – STARING -prolonged glaring at staff
– TONE -sharp, sarcastic, loud, argumentative
A – ANXIETY -flushed face, heavy breathing, rapid speech, reaction to pain
– MUTTERING -talking under breath, criticizing about people to self or others, mimicking others who may be in authority.
– PACING -walking around in confined space, walking into areas that are off limits

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