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“Don’t Buy the Cover, Buy the Content” 

October 25, 2020

“Don’t Buy the Cover, Buy the Content” 

“Don’t Buy the Cover, Buy the Content” 
            Genesis 3:1-2,13-14  
Today everything is based on image.
If you scratch just a little bit, what you find under the surface isn’t the image you have seen.
The devil fools us on three different levels (1 John 2)
1) The Practical Level. The fruit was good to eat. That’s the lust of the flesh.
2) The Emotional Level. It looked beautiful to her. That’s the lust of the eyes.
3) The Spiritual Level. It would make her wise. That’s the pride of life.
Remember this: When you start fondling forbidden fruit, you’re already in the pit.
Defiance of God’s instructions causes discouragement on several levels:
1. Discouragement With Blessings
2. Discouragement From People
3. Discouragement With God
4. Discouragement With Self

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