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“God’s Workshop”

March 21, 2021

“God’s Workshop”

“God’s Workshop”
 Ephsians 3:14-21
Daily living is an education.
Life is full of challenges that define us.
Prayer is truly the window of the soul. 
lesson: What we pray for, we care for. 
We all pray for what concerns us.
Three things that hold us back in the area of prayer:
First, we fear that we don’t pray often enough. 
Second, we worry that we won’t use the right words or we fear we’ll say the wrong thing. 
Third, we think we don’t have enough faith. 
This is a prayer for one basic request – spiritual strength (v. 3:16) in the inner person.
A successful/fruitful Life is full of Lessons:

1.  “You’re Only Human.”
2. “God is Able”

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