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“The Second Step to a Powerful Life”

February 24, 2019

“The Second Step to a Powerful Life”

“The Second Step to a Powerful Life”

               Philippians 3:10

Sermon Notes:

  1. The first step is:

__Pray__________________  for his power.

“We do not have because we do not ask.”  (James 4:2-3)

  1. The 2nd step to a Powerful Life is:

_____Obey_____________ his _______instructions_______________ .

“Bless are those who hear the Word and obey the Word.” (Luke 11:28)

Stay plugged in to God in order to prevent a spiritual power outage. 

Four Ways You Can Blow a Spiritual Fuse:

  1. _Unforgiveness______________________________________________________________ .
  2. _Complaining__________________________________________________________________________ .
  3. _Taking the credit__________________________________________________________________________  . 
  4. _Self pity___________________________________________________________________________ . 

Spiritual Blown Fuse Prevention: Follow the ___Light______________________________ .

2 thoughts on ““The Second Step to a Powerful Life”

  1. Carole Love says:

    Notes are blank, can you please fill in the missing words. Thanks

    1. New Hope says:

      The notes have been updated. Thank you for your comment. You can always go to the facebook page and view any past sermon.

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