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Bulletin Bible Study

Bulletin Bible Study 07/12/2020

Be Comfortable with Yourself

Matthew 11:19b (NKJV) says that wisdom is justified by her children.  Meaning your behavior is an indication of your wisdom.

The preceding verses tell us how the people were not satisfied with John the Baptist or Jesus.  They said John the Baptist was demon possessed and Jesus was a drunkard because He hung out with tax collectors and ate and drank with sinners. Both John the Baptist and Jesus did not change who God created them to be in order to fit into people’s perception of how they should behave. They maintained their integrity and remained steadfast to God’s calling.  So often we are ready to judge others because they don’t live up to our expectations of how we think they should behave. What Matthew 11:19b is telling us is that our actions demonstrate our level of wisdom.  When we allow the wisdom of God to lead us, then we will see a change in our actions.  We will be less prone to judge based on our level of understanding or need to be right. Our differences allow us to minister based on what God has called us to do.  Be comfortable with who you are!  Be comfortable that God made you in His image.  Kierra Sheard reminds us that God thinks our flaws are beautiful and He doesn’t see them as flaws.  So why do we? God loves you just as you are!


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