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Bulletin Bible Study

Bulletin Bible Study 06/09/2019

Outline of Psalms

The standard Hebrew text divides the Psalms into five “books,” perhaps in imitation of the five books of the Pentateuch or Moses.

Book 1…Psalms 1-41 were mainly written by David.  Most of them are prayers of distress.  Others are statements of confidence in God.  There are also reflections on ethics and worship are present in some of these Psalms.

Book 2…Psalms 42-72 introduces the first group of psalms by the “sons of Korah”.  There are also psalms of David including most of the historical psalms.  The only psalm attributed to Solomon concludes Book 2 which points to Christ as the final great King of God’s people.

Book 3…Psalms 73-89 provides a darker tone, questioning the justice of God before seeing light in God’s presence.  Contains most of the psalms of Asaph, as well as another set of Korah psalms.

Book 4…Psalms 90-106 begins with a response to Book 3.  This psalm is attributed to Moses and reminds the worshiper that God was active on Israel’s behalf long before David.

Book 5…Psalms 107-150 declares that God does answer prayer and concludes with five Hallelujah psalms.  This book includes two Davidic psalms, the longest psalm (119) and 15 psalms of ascent for use by pilgrims to Jerusalem.