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Couples Connection Ministry


“Connecting Couples to Jesus and to Each Other.”


The Couples Connection Ministry finds couples and keeps couples by feeding couples through support, outreach and fellowship, which is aligned to the five essential functions for church growth (Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship, Ministry/Mission, Worship).

Couples Retreats
Marriage Week
Fellowship quarterly

Opportunity to Serve:

Ministry volunteers serve the members using the following support structure:

Couples Connection Coordinators: Provide overall planning/organization for ministry, update and maintain database, send out correspondence to couples.

Home Host Coordinators: Work together to provide organization, information, scheduling and set up for couples who want to have a fellowships in their home. They provide information and report out to the Couples Connection Coordinators.

3C Coordinators: Provide Prayer, Cards, and maintain an Anniversary Log. These couples also meet new members and provide information about the ministry.

Couples Connection “EP” (Event Planning) Coordinators: To assist with coordination of all events pertaining to Couples Connection, (i.e. workshops, couple retreats, marriage week).


Stephaine Burrage, Ministry Leader
(734) 787-8553

Patrick Burrage, Ministry Leader
(313) 787-8553

or call the church office, 734-728-2180