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Media Ministry

New Hope Church Media Ministry


Connecting People to Jesus and to Each Other

“Let the words of mu mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer” (Psalm 19:14)


The media ministry utilizes print, social media, video and sound to centralize communication among ministries, members and the community to connect people to Jesus and each other.

Opportunities to Serve:

Each position listed represents a team of members.  Members and visitors are encouraged to join an area of the ministry that provides a fit for their spiritual gifts, natural abilities, and experiences.  Members are encouraged to serve and lead.

Co-Director, Print and Visual Production Teams
Print/Design Production Team Member
Visual Production Team

Co-Director, Web, Social Media and Sound Teams

Web Production Team
Social Media Team
Sound Production Team

Leslie Neal, Co-Director, Print and Visual Teams

Andrew Culpepper. Co-Director, Web, Social Media and Sound Teams

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Church policy requires request forms to be used for various church usages. Request for print/marketing materials and/or video, social media, and/or web are no different.

Project Request Form Contains:

  • Ministry Event/Activity Approval Form
  • Name of Ministry
  • Contact Person’s name, email and phone number:
  • Event Date: actual day of the event
  • Material Due Date: date you are expecting to have your material delivered, Note: This date must be at least two weeks (10 days) are needed to be used.

Example: Event date 8/30, Event: Marketing Campaign, Materials Due Date  8/18.

Material Request Date: 8/2

Layout Request:  images, what type of images would you like? Note: This is for idea purposes only, there is no guarantee you will get the exact photo you would like. Image choices are based on availability of stock photos in our archive gallery.

Color ideas:  What colors would you like to use? Note: New Hope Church has specific color themes based on your selection. The media team will coordinate best fits based on your choice. These may not be an exact match of your selection.

Text:  Submit all text that need to be included in your media request and inform which document where specific text will be placed. Note: All text must be edited and approved by Pastor prior to completion of each job.  Uncompleted text information or changes to text can result in later project completion.

Additional Instruction: Every print or video request will be given a PDF format (only) for final proof prior to printing.  This proof needs to be reviewed and approved by your committee prior to sending it for printing.  Note:  If your committee has given the approval for printing, we are not able to make later editing changes for further printing unless the committee/ministry bears responsibility for printing cost.  When we send out materials for review for printing we are expecting it to be proofed by your committee and given approval so that the committee is pleased with their materials prior to print.


  • Request must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to event. This will allow time for any editing required.
  • All fields of the request form must be completed and submitted to the Church Office.
  • All pictures must be submitted electronically – the Church Office will not scan photographs. Individuals in the picture(s) should be identified.
  • Select which multimedia option(s) you would like to utilize. (Note: editing is not available once your event has been posted/published).
  • The Contact person will review the final product and provide ministry approval.
  • Notice will be sent after approval by Pastor Humes of content and layout.

The above criteria applies to Web and Social Media materials


I have read and understand the above guidelines.  My signature confirms my agreement to adhere to the guidelines and instructions completely.

Special NOTE:  All REQUEST MUST BE APPROVED BY PASTOR FIRST .   Media request can not be honored without pastor approval.  Ministry Event/Activity Approval Forms are located in the church office or downloaded HERE.

Printable Media Request:  media ministry request (Down Load, Fill & Print)- (email to:  mediaministryrequest@gmail.com or turn-in to church office.)
Or fill out online and Submit (Here)