New Hope Church Taylor Campus

Taylor Sunday School

Sunday School – 8:15 AM Every Sunday

Whether you have been a member at New Hope for a long time or just looking for spiritual direction, join us this week for a different kind of Sunday School. This is not your grandfather’s Sunday School! At New Hope, you’ll discover a friendly, interactive, fun learning-environment that is relevant to you.

Men and women, older and younger adults, youth and children: here you will feel comfortable and connected in your small-group community.

You’ll experience the power of God’s Word, discover practical ways to overcome your daily challenges and have fun as you meet people in similar situations as you – without pressure. Come check us out!


Beginners Ages 3-5 Room 1
To Serve the children and provide a safe organized environment. Where children can learn and play and have a happy church experience.

Ages 6-9 Room 2
Here at Jumping for Jesus we promote Strong Bodies, Minds and Souls. We do this by instilling the Word of GOD along with Healthy Living and Mindfulness. We look to GOD to fulfill those components for He is Our Super Hero.

JUNIOR CLASS                                                                                                                                                                                      Ages 10-12 Room 8
Teaching young children, in a spiritual way, the challenge of a disciplined life lived with Jesus Christ as the head.

CLUB 3:16                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ages 13-18 Room 4
Encourages high-school students to discuss, learn and retain God’s Holy Word. This interactive class focuses on each student’s growth spiritually and realistic applications to a teenager’s life.


MY HOPE  (Adult #1) Room 3
Growing in the Word, faith and Christ together, one lesson at a time, while connecting what is studied to real-life issues and challenges. Active participation is the norm as we learn via role play, small groups and full-class discussion.


Contact the Church Office at (734)728-2180

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